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Camelicious Camel Milk 235ml

Camelicious Camel Milk 235ml

Camel milk is extremely nutritious. It offers all the proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates required to face the harsh desert life. Bedouins also used camel fat and milk as sun protection.

Camel milk is low in fat. The fat content is approx. 50% lower than in cow’s milk.


Camel milk contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, which are healthy for the human body since they, among other benefits, help reducing cholesterol to aid healthy cardio-vascular functioning. It is rich in natural vitamin C. The content of this immune boosting vitamin is 3 to 5 times higher than in cow’s milk.


The unique attributes of camel milk especially in regards to health and beauty are very encouraging. In current studies, camel milk has been proved to have positive effects on patients with Diabetes Type II, Hepatitis and autoimmune diseases. The high content of unsaturated fatty acids, lanolin and minerals such as Calcium make camel milk a health and beauty product by itself.

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