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Ignition Lighter

Ignition Lighter

Large Capacity, High Flame, Flame Rapidly, Used for a Long Time.
Portable, Rubber Grip, Simple Operation.
Lock Fire with Rotary Valve (Difference with Other Valve Type: Do Not Unscrew the Valve That Can Cause Ignition, Please Rotating Valve and Lock Fire)
Solid Base (You Can Make the Base Separated When You Use It As Well As It Can Stand When Collected.)

Use Instructions:
1.To use,turn ignition button to open and ignite by pushing forward button from CLOSE to OPEN.
2.If not use, turn ignition button to CLOSE so as to facilitate carrying.
3.If continuously using is required, push ignition button forward and turn it to REMAIN.
4.TO adjust height of flame,turn gas regulator lever to (+) or (-).
5.To fill the gas,keep the air hole upward.

1. Playing by children is prohibited for pressurized and inflammable gas inside.
2. Keeping away from the faces of others and yourself and inflammable articles when using it.
3. DO NOT burn over 3 minutes continuously.
4. DO NOT touch the nozzle and metal pipe while using.
5. Keep it well and avoid direct sunshine for long term or placing at the place over 50 Celsius Degrees.
6. Using acceptable butane gas, otherwise it is possble to break the lighter or shorten the service life.

Undamaged Item (Including Handmade Item).
Color: Black + Silver
Material: Alloy Material, A High-Temperature Ceramic Burner
Item Size: 12 x 6 x 15.5 cm / 4.7 x 2.3 x 6 inch
Net Weight: 270g
Ignition Medium: Butane
Gas Volume: maximium 11g
Flame Temperature: Up to 2500 Fahrenheit Degrees / 1300 Celsius Degrees
No Batteries or Plug is Needed. Just FUEL and GO!
Product Includes: 1 x Torch (Without Butane Gas)

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