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Oud Malaki

Oud Malaki

The oudic composition coupled with the fruity delicacy and the warmth of the spice makes the typical oriental fragrance with all the trimmings stand out.


The aroma is warm, seductive and bewitching at the same time. Let all echoes of Laos essential oil begin to warm up, as its bittersweet tones begin to embrace a gourmet raspberry wave with nuances in a fresh pear with a pinch of saffron. In the spicy wave we continue to the corners of cloves, cardamom and warm vanilla.


Smooth line lends floral duo - Bulgarian rose and orange flower. It combines flowers with chords of earthy herbal patchouli warmed by honey velvety ambergris, complemented by an animal note of leather, which will again give the full sound of all the mystically sounding tones of oud.

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